TS Assembly Polls: Appeal made to vote in favour of Congress candidates

There is a lot of confusion in the minds of people particularly the minorities and weaker sections whether to vote for TRS or Congress. TRS supporters are swearing by the welfare schemes introduced by TRS while Congress supporters are counting Govt. failures, false promises, corruption, inaccessibility & arrogance and tacit alliance with communal forces.

Present Assembly election cannot be seen in isolation. It is a precursor to Parliamentary elections and whichever Party wins this round will have all Govt. resources at its command and may influence the results of 2019 election, and increase its numbers in Rajya Sabha which will enable it to have a say in the Policies of Central Govt.

We firmly believe that BJP with its communal and Manuwadi agenda is not only harmful to the Minorities and Weaker sections but also harmful to the country. Therefore, the marginalized and weaker sections cannot risk voting for TRS even with remote possibilities of it extending support to that BJP to form a Govt.

After great deal of deliberations, we are of the opinion that in view of the fact that

  1. TRS supported BJP government in elections of President and Vice President in the face of united opposition.
  2. Supported the brazenly anti people measure of Note-Bandi.
  3. Supported Triple Talaq Bill of BJP in Parliament.
  4. Refused to get Alair encounter enquired and file appeal in Makkah Masjid blast acquittal.
  5. KCR has himself reportedly admitted that he is willing to align with BJP after 2019.

In view of the above, we have come to the conclusion that there is a clear understanding between TRS and BJP and in future TRS will have no hesitation in aligning with communal forces.

Not that Congress is blemish-free and a great sympathizer of Minorities and weaker section, but it is certainly a lesser evil and it can be safely presumed and hoped that it will not support the anti Muslim, anti weaker sections and Manuwadi agenda.

In view of the above without going into debate of what TRS did for Minorities and weaker sections or not, We are of the opinion that welfare measures have no meaning if one’s life and cultural existence is not secure which will be threatened if communal forces come to power in 2019.

Hence we appeal to all to vote in favor of CONGRESS candidates wherever it is possible.

  1. Mohammad Shafiquzzaman IAS (Retd), Secretary, India for All
  2. Khalid Rasool Khan, President, All India Muslim Sangam
  3. Major Quadri (Retd), President, India for All