TS Assembly Elections 2019: Survey makes surprising predictions about TRS, MIM

Hyderabad: CM of TS, Mr. KCR is reviewing the status of TRS by getting surveys conducted through three different agencies.

According to the latest survey report, TRS is expected to get 103 Assembly seats whereas its ally, MIM may get 5 instead of presently occupied 7 seats.

It may be mentioned that according to the survey report conducted a few months back, it was predicted that MIM would get 8 Assembly seats but after seeing the present survey report CM got wonderstruck.

It may be mentioned that most of the survey reports predicted 90-100 seats for TRS but the latest survey report has shown that TRS may get 103 seats and Congress will get seats in single digit. It is also reported that many voters of Old City are not satisfied with the performance of the local political party. The survey agency has also highlighted the performance of MLAs of various other parties. If the present state of affairs continues, MIM might lose two Assembly seats.

It is also predicted that TRS would perform better in the Old City. Dy. CM will be made responsible for improving the performance of TRS cadre in Old City.

CM wants to take advantage of the latest developmental and welfare programs of TRS to muster public support.

It is reported that senior leaders of TRS advised the CM to concentrate on strengthening the party in the Old City of Hyderabad. It was also suggested that every public representative should introspect his/her performance and make an attempt to overcome the shortcomings.

Viewing the proximity of TRS with BJP, political analysts expect interesting and decisive judgments in the next elections. They opined that the results of many assembly constituencies will be startling.

–Siasat News