TS, AP officials holds talks on Pranahita Chevella

Telangana Government on Monday initiated talks with the neighbour Andhra Pradesh over the construction of Pranahita Chevella Irrigation Project.

A meeting of senior officials of both the States was held here on Monday wherein issues like construction of project and affected areas were discussed. Speaking to media persons after the meeting, famous engineer Vidyasagar Rao, who represented Telangana Government in talks, said that no decision has been taken during the meeting. He said that the Maharashtra Government has been objecting to the height of more than 148 feet. He said a re-survey needs to be done to assess the total number of villages of Maharashtra which will be affected due to the project.

Vidyasagar Rao said another meeting of senior officials of both the States would be held in the next 15 days to take a final decision the construction of the project. (INN)