Truth behind lynching incidents: Niranjan Takle exposes gau raksha module

In this episode of News MX, journalist Niranjan Takle, who is never afraid of telling the truth, reveals how an extortion network run by Bajrang Dal people extorts money from cattle traders. For discovering the truth, he disguised himself as a Muslim cattle trader with a name Rafiq Quraishi for around 3 months. During the period he travelled in trucks loaded with cattle. Takle discloses that they extort money for letting the trucks go. For letting go a cow truck they extort Rs 15000 while a buffalo truck is passed after collecting Rs 6500. A Bajrang Dal man named Chaudhry of Palanpur runs the network.

Niranjan, during his sting operation, also met Chaudhry. Their rule was that traders have to give skin to them for free after slaughter of animal. They export the skin. When Niranjan asked Chaudhry, why do you do so, when it is not allowed in your religion? Chaudhry pointed towards an idol of Goddess Lakshmi and asked, shall I worship that god or skin?

During the conversation, Chaudhry revealed that they get daily 1.5 cr at Ameergarh check post. He further disclosed that they have to kill people in between to create a fear psychosis among people. Journalist Niranjan says, gau raksha doesn’t have a religious motive behind it but it is a business module and the investment of the business is fear.

Niranjan Takle is an electronics engineer who left his job to be a journalist and show mirror to power. He has unravelled many mysteries like the story on Savarkar and on Justice Brijgopal Harkishan Loya’s death.