Trupti Desai to launch campaign for liquor-free Maharashtra

Mumbai: Bhoomata Brigade chief and gender rights activist Trupti Desai, who shot to fame for spearheading the agitation seeking parity to women over their restricted entry into places of worship, has now announced to launch a new campaign for a liquor-free Maharashtra.

“I am going to launch the statewide campaign soon, and it will start from Pune. There are more men who consume liquor but its the women suffer most because of it. Liquor consumption also increases domestic violence; Hence I am keen on setting up ‘Taigiri’ groups that would extend support to women suffering in such cases,” Desai told PTI today.

“If a district like Chandrapur can successfully implement a flat ban on liquor, why not entire Maharashtra state follow suit,” Desai said.

If Guardian ministers of each district initiate the process, liquor ban can be implemented in a few days, she felt.

Desai alleged that the state government seems to be not concerned with key issues of liquor consumption and its impact on lives of people, especially women in this state.

“After holding a couple of meetings with the members of the Brigade, I will soon launch the campaign,” Desai said.

“I am going to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi during my agitation across the state. If the state fails to take appropriate steps, then I am going to intensify the agitation,” Desai warned.