Trump’s Turmoil: World’s 500 richest people, including ‘Zuckerberg’ lose $35 billion

‘Mark Zuckerberg hardest hit with $2 billion drop, Amazon’s  Bezos falls to No. 3 position, $4.9 billion behind Gates’

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, “The world’s richest people lost $35 billion (NZ$50 billion) on Wednesday when global equity markets were rocked by political turmoil in the U.S., according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index”

Mark Zuckerberg – The fifth richest person on planet

Facebook Inc. founder Mark Zuckerberg was hardest hit, when the social media giant dropped by 3.3 percent which equates to a drop of $2 billion. Zuckerberg is the fifth-richest person on the planet with $62.3 billion, according to the index.


Bill Gates – Co-founder of Microsoft:

Bill Gates, tumbled 2.8 percent in almost an year which equates to a loss of $1 billion as shares of Microsoft Corp. Gates is world’s richest person with $86.8 billion, according to the index.

Jeff Bezos – Co-founder of Amazon:

Jeff Bezos, who came within $4 billion of taking the top spot from Gates earlier this week, dropped to No. 3 after losing $1.7 billion as shares of the online retailer slid 2.2 percent.

Spanish retailing tycoon Amancio Ortega lost $355 million to end the day in the second position with $83.2 billion.


President Donald Trump’s ties with Russia and his firing of FBI Director James Comey under scrutiny resulted in tumbling of Global stock indexes as political turmoil enveloped the White House.

U.S. stocks posted their steepest declines since September, led by the Nasdaq Composite’s 2.6 percent slide. The MSCI All-Country World Index fell 1.2 percent, and bank stocks were the worst performers.

Strangely, while majority of top billionaires got sharply effected, Trump, the first billionaire to serve as U.S. president with a net worth of $3 billion doesn’t have a spot on the Bloomberg index, a daily ranking of the world’s 500 richest people.