Trump’s top advisers, Kushner used private emails to conduct White House business

Washington : As many as six top advisers of United States President Donald Trump have used private email accounts to correspond with other administration officials for White House business.

The revelations that several officials in Trump administration are using personal email accounts for government business came a day after news surfaced that President’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has corresponded with other administration officials about White House matters through a private email account set up during the transition last December, New York Times reported.

Jared Kushner has occasionally used a private email account for correspondence with fellow administration officials, his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, confirmed to CNN on Sunday.

” Kushner uses his White House email address to conduct White House business,Fewer than a hundred emails from January through August were either sent to or returned by Kushner to colleagues in the White House from his personal email account,”CNN quoted Lowell’s statement.

In addition, it was reported that the president’s daughter Ivanka used a private account in the first few months of the president’s term.

White House officials are required to preserve their official communications via email.”All White House personnel have been instructed to use official email to conduct all government related work,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said .

Trump has been condemning Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server when she served as Secretary of State.

During the 2016 presidential race,his campaign rallies were often found supporters chanting “Lock her up!”

Lowell said that the emails on Kushner’s private account were “usually forwarded news articles or political commentary and most often occurred when someone initiated the exchange by sending an email to his personal, rather than his White House, address.”(ANI)