Trump’s style is to build strong ties with foreign leaders: White House

Washington: US President Donald Trump’s style is to build personal bond and strong relationship with foreign leaders which will benefit the country, the White house has said.

“The President’s diplomacy style is paying dividends, whether it’s getting someone who was held for years in Egypt released, whether it’s the action that China has taken,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters yesterday.

“The relationships and the foundation that the President is rebuilding are going to pay huge dividends for this country in terms of our economic interests, our national security interest,” he said adding that Trump’s style is to develop a personal bond with individuals.

Spicer said it was because of Trump’s effort that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are increasing their desire for peace.

“You’ve got an individual in President Xi Jinping in China that has taken fairly significant action to come work with the US, especially with respect to our desire to end the threat in North Korea. That has been unprecedented,” he said.

Trump had made phone calls with more than 60 world leaders and have personally met nearly two dozen of them at the White House after he came into power.