Trump’s ‘not so serious tweets’ does not ensure policy shift

Washington: The US president Donald Trump is famous for his ‘not so serious tweets’ which reflected his stand on issues ranging from domestic matters to foreign policy concerns.

The US President will be completing his one year term in Office in this January.

If we take note of his promises during election rallies for US Presidential elections and aftermath, the US President’s series of tweets on various matters do not actually reflected a policy shift in reality. They just remained as tweets and election promises.

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The recent tweets of Trump on Pakistan, accusing it of providing safe-haven to terrorists and mentioning of US’ aid to Pakistan seems to be nothing more than a tweet.

This is because, earlier few instances of him before and after becoming US President, turning around on his stand strengthens the argument that his tweets are ‘not so serious’.

Shortly before Election Day last year, Donald Trump rolled out a package of ethics reforms that he promised to implement as president, using for the first time a now-famous phrase: “drain the swamp.”

But none of the reforms were realized to tighten the rules for lobbying in Washington.

Brian Wild, , a longtime Republican lobbyist and a former aide to House Speaker John Boehner said “I don’t think that anything’s really changed.” He further said that “If anything, the lobbying business is booming right now.”

At one of his rallies to the cheering crowd, he admitted to the crowd that chants like ‘drain the swamp’ were just political slogans that sounded good at the time.

Those election rallies where Trump fiercely gave speeches and spoke against his rival Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, saying that “Lock her up”.

Well, Hillary Clinton is still roaming wild and free.

In his election rallies, Trump also said that he would pull out US from NATO as it is costing US much than other Europen nations which owe to US more.
Later, Months after becoming President, he said, “I said it was obsolete… it’s no longer obsolete.”

In his campaign for elections, Trump accused China as Currency manipulator. But after becoming president and meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump said he was dropping plans to name China a ‘currency manipulator’. This statement of Trump is in stark contrast to his previous arguments when he said about China ‘raping’ the US economy.

Similarly, Trump had earlier said that China has failed to check nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

Later while speaking to the Wall street Journal, he said that I realised it’s not so easy. I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power [over] North Korea […] But it’s not what you would think.

After his victory in US Presidential elections, Trump called on Taiwan president breaking the long decades ‘One China Policy’. A week later after his meeting with XI Jinping, he promised to commit to the ‘One China’ policy of treating Taiwan like a wayward Chinese province again.

In his election promises, Trump told that he will “tear up” the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran. Well, that’s still going, and he has already passed up chances to tear it up the way he promised.

These tweets actually did not realize into a policy shift of the US administration.