Trump’s immigration policy would have kept NYC suspect out of US: White House

Washington: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has said that the New York attack suspect would not have been allowed to come in the country if President Donald Trump’s immigration policy had been in place.

“The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed, that the suspect was admitted to the United States after presenting a passport displaying an F43 Family Immigrant Visa in 2011. And so we know that the President’s policy calls for an end to chain migration, which is what this individual came to the United States through,” Sanders said during a press briefing.

“And if his policy had been in place, then that attacker would not have been allowed to come in the country. That’s why the President has pushed for not one part of immigration policy, but a responsible and total immigration reform. And that’s why we have to look at all sectors and do what we can to make sure we’re doing everything within our power to protect the American people,” she added.

Sanders also stressed on the need for the Congress to work with the President on immigration reforms that enhance the national security and public safety.

A Bangladeshi national living in US had planned the terror attack which took place near Times Square on Monday, leaving three persons injured.

A law enforcement source was quoted by CNN as saying that the suspect Akayed Ullah told investigators recent Israeli actions in Gaza as the reason why he carried out the attack in New York City.

Ullah, who was carrying a suspected pipe bomb, malfunctioned and exploded prematurely, leaving him and three others injured.

The suspect, who is a lawful permanent resident from Bangladesh, had arrived in 2011 on an F43 family immigrant visa in 2011, CNN reported citing DHS spokesperson Tyler Houlton.

The Bangladesh Embassy in Washington DC condemned the New York City terror attack and assured that Bangladesh Government was committed to its declared policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ against terrorism.

Meanwhile, condemning the attack, Trump called on Congress to enact legislative reforms to protect the American people. (ANI)