Would’ve slept with Princess Diana though she was crazy- Donald Trump

Wahington D.C.: In a fresh transcript of an audio released lately, US President Donald Trump had said that Princess Diana was ‘crazy’ but he would have ‘slept with her without hesitation’.

The transcripts and audio are of an interview of Donald Trump which was hosted on the radio by Howard Stern in 2000. Trump termed being ‘crazy’ as ‘minor detail’ and said that Diana was ‘really beautiful, supermodel beautiful’, mentioned News18 in an article.

“She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin… the whole thing. She’s magnificent,” Trump had then said, before adding, “She was crazy but these are minor details.” The former princess of Wales had died in a car crash just three years ago.

In an earlier 1997 interview, Stern and Trump had talked about the business tycoon asking women to get HIV tests before he had sex with them. The audio and transcripts were anonymously sent to the website Factbase.

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The radio jockey even acted out on the scene, as Trump asking Diana for a medical check-up.
“Hey Lady Di, would you go to the doctor?” Stern mockingly asks. Trump then gets in on the joke, imagining the conversation with the British royal. “Go back over to my Lexus, because I have a new doctor, we wanna give you a little checkup,” he says as if addressing her.

The current US President was on the radio show in the year 2000 to discuss his top ten hottest women list. Princess Diana was third on his list, after ex-wife Ivanna in second and now-First Lady Melania in first.

TV presenter Selina Scott previously claimed Trump pursued Diana to an extent of “stalking” her, saying he gave the late princess “the creeps”.

Writing in the Sunday Times in 2015, Scott said: “He bombarded Diana at Kensington Palace with massive bouquets, each worth hundreds of pounds.”

“Trump clearly saw Diana as the ultimate trophy wife. As the roses and orchids piled up at her apartment she became increasingly concerned about what she should do,” Scott said.

According to Scott, “when Diana died in the tragic accident in Paris in 1997, Trump told friends his biggest regret was that they hadn’t dated.”