Trump will find that Palestine is an issue of different caliber

Trump will find that Palestine is an issue of different caliber

Palestine: The decision of Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, Was this a studied and deliberate strategic move made by the US president on behalf of Israel? Or was it one of his many “slips” made since becoming president?

The US administration has always supported Israel because it is its lieutenant in the Middle East.
The US also relies on Arab leaders in a similar way and, in turn, Arab leaders become dependent on the US’ protection because of their own maltreatment of their peoples.

For decades, these same Arab leaders have used the Palestinian cause for their own ends. This does not mean that they have genuine concern for the welfare of the Palestinian people, rather they have used the daily injustice suffered by the Palestinians as distraction to cover their continued service of the colonizer.

With the decision of Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine, the Palestinians took to the streets of all their cities to protest.
The cause of Palestine remains the essence and core of popular in the region struggle. It is a big mistake to think that the Palestinian anger will die with the end of the response to the calls of Palestinian parties and organisations.

“Jerusalem is our capital” “Our Jerusalem will remain ours” and “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine.”

These are not mere slogans, but the feelings and emotions of the Palestinians who continue to fight and who refuse to surrender, and will sacrifice their blood for the sake of this.

Poet Rose Shomali says, “We are here/ Even if we are there/ Even if you remove us from words/ Maps and memory/ We are here/ Despite the limits of time and space, we are the salt of the land/ And this land is ours/ And the coming dawn is mine.”

Accordingly Ali Mawasy says, “even if the world has recognised Israel, and gave Palestine to a group of settler immigrants without batting an eye at the expulsion of the people, and even the PLO recognised… we and the people with us have not and will not recognise, nor do they care about the recognition.”

Though Mr. Trump has been accustomed to fake news and fake success, he will find that Palestine is an issue of a different caliber. It is a sharp knife that will tear the throat of anyone who tries to swallow it.

Without the restoration of the rights of the people, any talk of the security and stability of the Arab leaders and America is meaningless and nonsense.