Trump warns of attack, Putin of big tragedy

Washington: American president Donald Trump has warned that an attack is likely on Syria sooner or later. In his Twitter message, the American president said that though he has never announced the attack on Syria, however, the attack could be made sooner or later. It must be noted that the day before US president threatened Russia and said American missile is more effective than the chemical weapons that target Syria. Hence Russia should not support the country which enjoys attacking innocents with poisonous gas.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the global situation is fast becoming critical. He said any big tragedy can occur in the world any time. According to addressing a press conference in Moscow President Putin said we will respect world law. He hoped that the world will show prudence and will try to solve the conflicts through dialogue.

The day before the Kremlin said that it did not engage in “Twitter diplomacy” after U.S. President Donald Trump used the social media platform to warn Russia of imminent military action in Syria.