Trump urges toughness against terrorist guilty of London attack

Washington: US President Donald Trump urged that tough action be taken against the person responsible for the alleged terrorist attack on Tuesday morning in front of the UK Parliament in London.

“Another terrorist attack in London…These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength!” Trump tweeted.

The US President has on several occasions criticized the UK authorities, particularly London Mayor Sadiq Khan, whom he has accused of weakness in dealing with the terrorist threat.

At least three people were injured when intentionally hit by a car Tuesday morning. One of them is in serious condition, though her life is not in danger, according to the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and head of its Counter-Terror Command, Neil Basu.

The counter-terror unit has taken charge of the investigation.

The driver of the car was arrested after speeding through a crowd of pedestrians and cyclists waiting for the traffic light to change, then crashing the vehicle against a steel and reinforced concrete security barrier outside the Palace of Westminster, seat of the Houses of Parliament, Efe reported.

London’s Westminster underground station next to the Parliament was closed when the security alert was issued and police blocked traffic from entering the governmental area.

Parliament, closed for its summer recess, has been surrounded by steel and reinforced concrete barriers since the attack in March of last year by another man driving a vehicle.

In that attack, Khalid Masood ran over several people on Westminster Bridge next to Parliament, killing four people. He then got out and tried to enter the building, where he stabbed a police officer to death.