Trump “unqualified” to become US president: Clinton

Washington: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is “unqualified” to become the US president and the billionaire tycoon has spent his career refusing to pay bills to small businesses, Democrat Hillary Clinton has alleged.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is unqualified to be president and unfit to be commander-in-chief,” Clinton, 68, said.

“Anyone who spends his time insulting our military, demeaning the service of our POWs and our fallen soldiers, insulting Gold Star families, this is not someone who understands the honour, the duty of serving America,” she said at an event in Colorado yesterday.

Clinton contrasted her proposals with the business practices of Trump, who she alleged has manufactured much of his merchandise abroad, and pointed to his volatile behaviour related to military and national security.

“Donald Trump would not pay people who did work, painters and plumbers and glass installers and marble installers and architects. We now have a very long list,” she said.

“What kind of man does business by hurting other people? I am just so, so determined that we are not going to let him do to America what he has done to so many other people,” she said.

Clinton laid out her ‘100-Day Jobs Plan’ in Commerce City election rally aimed to sustain America’s economic growth and and create jobs throughout the country.

“I am so grateful to every single person who has ever put on the uniform of the United States military. And it worries me, some of what I hear him say. I mean, anyone who can be provoked by a tweet should not be anywhere near nuclear weapons,” Clinton said.

Major part of Clinton’s speech was on Trump’s business failure and his economic policies.

“When Donald Trump is asked about where he makes things, he makes them anywhere else but America. His ties, his suits, his shirts, his furniture, his barware made all over the world. Bangladesh, Turkey, Slovenia, Mexico,” Clinton said.

“And when asked about that, he said, well, we don’t make that stuff in America. Well, I’m here to tell you: Donald, you’re wrong,” she said.

Clinton said she visited the Knotty Tie Company yesterday.

“I met folks living right here in Denver who are making ties and scarves. I hope you like this one because I got it at Knotty just a few hours ago,” she said.

Clinton’s campaign also launched a new TV ad which uses an interview with Trump to spotlight his record of outsourcing.

Trump has manufactured products in at least 12 foreign countries, including India, the campaign said.