Trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be US president says Clinton

Washington : Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is unfit and unqualified to be the president of the US, his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has said as she criticised his various policies. “He (Trump) is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the US,” Clinton said at an election rally in Tampa where she unveiled a list of allegation against the Republican leader to buttress her point.

At a voter registration rally in Tampa, Clinton also criticised Trump’s lack of policy proposals other than trillions in tax cuts to big corporations, millionaires and Wall Street money managers.

Highlighting the alleged dangerous vision for America of Trump, she said that his divisive policies would endanger the US at home and abroad. Trump has no plan to combat ISIS and has frequently insulted US military, she said.

“His whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform to protect our most cherished American values. And a man who is so wrong about our veterans isn’t right to serve as our commander-in-chief,” she said.

“As president, I have a very different vision. I will give our military everything they need when they’re serving overseas. I will support them with care and the benefits that they need and deserve when they come back home, including job training and mental health care. I will work closely with our allies, not just to contain ISIS, but defeat them,” Clinton said.

Clinton said her blueprint is building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. “We’re going to make the biggest investment in new jobs since World War II. Infrastructure jobs like those here at the port. Our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, they need work and there are millions of jobs to be done,” she said.

“And in addition to what you can see, what about our water systems, our sewer systems? We need a new modern electric grid to be able to take in clean, renewable energy that can then move us toward that future we seek,” she added. Islamic State (ISIS), she said, needs to be defeated.

“When it comes to fighting ISIS, he has been all over the map. You would have to literally map it out. He’s talked about letting Syria become a free zone for ISIS. Look at the map, Donald. He’s talked about sending in American ground troops. Not on my watch,” she said.