Trump says Spicer suffered ‘tremendous abuse’ by ‘fake media’

New Delhi: U.S. President Donald Trump praising outgoing press secretary Sean Spicer lashed out against the media claiming that the latter suffered ‘tremendous abuse’ at the hands of the ‘fake media’.

In a late Friday tweet, the President said, “Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media – but his future is bright!.”

Spicer was criticised by the press after his first appearance at the White House press podium where he falsely claimed that Trump saw the largest inaugural crowds in history at his inauguration the previous day.

Spicer announced Friday he would step down as press secretary after Trump named Anthony Scaramucci as his new White House communications director.

Trump reportedly asked Spicer to stay on as press secretary after he hired Scaramucci, but Spicer declined the offer.

Spicer has served as interim communications director since Mike Dubke resigned from the post in May.

Scaramucci will formally take office on August 15. (ANI)