Trump says he has ‘no deals, no loans’ with Russia

Washington: US President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he has “no deals, no loans, no nothing” with Russia on the heels of the publication of an unverified report that alleged Moscow has supported him for years.

Trump tweeted that Russia “has never tried to use leverage over me. I have nothing to do with Russia — no deals, no loans, no nothing!”

The refutation comes in the wake of an unverified report published by BuzzFeed earlier on Wednesday which alleges that Russia has been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting” Trump for at least five years, and has compromising information on him.

Among the alleged dirt was a claim that Trump has “personal obsessions and sexual perversion”, and that he once had Russian prostitutes urinate on each other in a hotel bed.

The dossier also suggests that Russian officials offered Trump lucrative deals in order to win influence over him ahead of the presidential election.

Trump said the report was “paid for by political opponents”, and added that Russia has called it a “complete and total fabrication, utter nonsense” and “very unfair”.

The President-elect also blasted the intelligence agencies for allowing the “fake news” to be leaked into the public, calling it “one last shot” against him.

The Kremlin has indeed stated that the report is a “total bluff”, and that it has no compromising information on Trump.

“The Kremlin has no compromising information on Trump. This report does not correspond to reality and is nothing but an absolute fiction,” deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Peskov said.

“This is a total bluff, an absolute fabrication, complete nonsense,” he added.

BuzzFeed has been slammed by journalists and media executives across the globe for publishing the report without verifying it.

The story was refused by other media outlets, though CNN did report that US intelligence chiefs had given Trump and President Obama a two-page summary of the report last week.