Trump said he would develop US like Modi has done in India, says Yogi Adityanath

Bhavnagar: While addressing a gathering at Ghariyadhar in Bhavnagar district, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath slammed Kapil Sibal of Congress and sought an answer of ‘whether the temple at Ayodhya will be built or not’.

Adityanath also said that a temple was about to build but Sibal said that temple should not be built, reported The Indian Express.

The CM further hit out at Congress and called it ‘corrupt’. “Uttar Pradesh was under Congress rule for long. But they were a corrupt government. I urge you to vote for the BJP as you have a stable government in the state,” he stated.

Adityanath also compared the development of India with that of United States and claimed: “During the presidential elections in the US, when Donald Trump was asked what he would do for the development of America, he said he would develop it like how Modi has done in India. Even the head of the most powerful country respects our PM.”

The Chief Minister went on to praise Prime Minister Modi and his Gujarat model and said that every state in India wants to imitate Gujarat development model.

“When Modiji goes abroad, he is respected by other leaders. Have you seen any such Congress leaders get such respect. Congress is keeping one leg in one boat each. People who do that drown. They have divided the country along caste lines,” the UP CM said.