Trump receives ‘beautiful’, ‘warm’ letter from Kim

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he received a “very beautiful” and “very warm” letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un amid the stalled nuclearisation”>denuclearisation negotiations between the two countries.

Calling the letter “very nice”, Trump again highlighted his personal relationship with Kim and exuded confidence that an agreement could be eventually reached between the two sides.

“We have a very good relationship together,” The Hill quoted Trump as saying while speaking to reporters at the White House.

The US President said that a third meeting with Kim could take place and said that Kim had “kept his word” and “that’s very important to me.”

Trump is set to attend the G-20 summit in Japan later this month and is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Talks between the two countries hit a roadblock after the second summit in Vietnam ended abruptly with no joint statement being released. The two sides reportedly failed to resolve their differences on sanction waivers.

No signs of thaw can be seen as yet, especially after North Korea tested multiple short-range missiles last month as a sign of their apparent frustration over the stalled negotiations and continuing sanctions.

Pyongyang has repeatedly insisted that the removal of penalties will help spur economic growth, whereas Washington has reaffirmed that sanctions will not be removed till the communist country completely stopped its nuclear weapons programme.