Trump publicly attacked Russia probe over 1,100 times

Washington: US President Donald Trump has publicly attacked the ongoing probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, according to The New York Times.

The attacks, which number nearly 1,200, are part of a strategy to beat back the investigations, the newspaper said in an analysis report on Tuesday, adding that they have also opened him to possible obstruction of justice charges.

The attacks include statements made on Twitter, in official speeches, at rallies and during media interviews and other press events.

While it is highly unusual for anyone to comment on continuing criminal investigations, Trump has done so at least on 330 days, or more than 43 per cent of his time in office as of February 14, the analysis said.

Trump has employed a wide range of attacks in what appears to be an attempt to discredit the people and organizations associated with the investigations.

According to the President, the inquiry by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the Russian interference is the “single greatest witch hunt in political history”. He attacked the Mueller probe 361 times.

Trump has said that Russian meddling was fabricated “as an excuse by the Democrats as to why ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton” lost.

He also regularly emphasised, “we wouldn’t even be talking about this subject” if Jeff Sessions, the former Attorney General, had not recused himself from any investigation into the campaign.

According to the analysis, Trump defends Russia and its President Vladimir Putin the most.