Trump: President for all eternity?

Washington: President Donald Trump on Friday again joked about ignoring constitutional term limits by retweeting a meme showing him staying in the White House not just for one more term, but for eternity.

The meme, ripping off an authentic Time magazine cover from October last year, portrays Trump re-election posters starting in 2024, then progressing steadily into the future.

Beginning in 2048, an animated image of a pensive-looking president appears along with the poster.

The date then rattles increasingly quickly through presidential terms, spinning past not just four years, but centuries at a time and then entire millennia.

After 90,000 AD, the poster simply changes to a picture of the real estate magnate and the words “TRUMP 4EVA.”

The meme is based on a real animation created to illustrate a Time magazine cover story from last year titled “How Trumpism will outlast Trump.”

In their version, however, the presidential terms stop at a mere 2044.

In fact, Trump will have to leave office in January 2021 unless he wins re-election next year, in which case the US Constitution allows him a second and final four-year term.

Yet Trump has made frequent quips about staying on longer. In May, he said at a rally he should be in office at least 10 years.

“Well, 10 or 14, let’s see. Whatever we like, right?” he continued, later saying that he was joking.