Trump meets FIFA President to discuss FIFA 2026

Washington: United States president Donald Trump on Tuesday met with International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) president Gianni Infantino at the White House to discuss FIFA World Cup 2026 which is to be held in the US.

Trump asserted that hosting the World Cup is exciting and the vent will be very special.
“In the U.S., together with Canada and Mexico, we want to organize the greatest World Cup ever”, said Infantino.

The event will be hosted by the US along with Canada and Mexico.

US Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro was also present in the meeting in the Oval room who said that he was really honoured to host this event.

“For my part, for my federation – the U.S. Soccer Federation for the United Bid representing the U.S., Canada, and Mexico – we are really very honored. Very honored. Deeply honored to be hosting this event in 2026. It’s right around the corner. We have a lot for work to do, but we look forward to working with you and your administration,” Cordeiro said.

While Trump discussed the FIFA World Cup, he will not be the president in 2026 even if he comes back for a second term in 2021.