Trump insulted practically everybody: Clinton

Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has accused her Republican rival Donald Trump of taking his election campaign to a new low by “insulting everybody”.

At an election rally in Colorado, Clinton said Trump is taking a very different tone in the entire presidential campaign.

“His campaign said today that they’re going to use a, quote, ‘scorched Earth’ strategy for the remaining four weeks of this race. Now, that just shows how desperate they are. That’s all they have left, pure negativity, pessimism,” she said.

“We are not going to let Donald Trump get away with it, are we?” she asked her supporters amidst applause from the audience.

“I don’t care what he says about me. I care about what he says about you. I will stand up and defend every single person in this country from the insults and the disrespect that we hear from him,” said the former secretary of state.

Referring to a recent surfacing of a decade-old video in which Trump is seen making lewd remarks about women, Clinton said now the whole world has heard how he treats women and what he thinks of women.

“He is doubling-down on his excuse that it’s just, quote, ‘locker room talk’,” she said.

“But of course it’s not only women that he has disrespected. He’s insulted practically everybody,” she said.

As a result, a lot of athletes and coaches have started posting on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

“I mean, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the NFL, and more. They are coming together and they’re saying, “That doesn’t happen in our locker rooms,” she said.

He has targeted immigrants, African Americans, Latinos, she alleged.

Clinton said there is anxiety among immigrant families who are “scared to death”, especially the children, that Donald Trump is going to put together a big deportation force and go door to door, school to school, business to business, home to home.

“It is hard to explain to children. So I hope that if you know any children who are listening and watching and hearing some of what is said, you will reassure them. I want every boy and girl to know the American dream is big enough for you and there is a place in America for you,” she said.

“That’s called trickle-down economics, but as with anything when it comes to Donald Trump, he wants to have the biggest tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations than we have ever, ever had. So I believe differently. We’re going to invest in the middle class. We’re going to invest in you, in your jobs, in your future,” she said.