Trump hosts second iftar dinner at White House

Washington: US President Donald Trump has hosted his second annual iftar dinner at the White House and said it’s “been a very rough time” for Muslims around the world.

The dinner, which breaks the daily fast of Ramadan for Muslims around the world, on Monday night was attended by ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps representing Muslim-majority nations, reports ABC News.

Trump cited the devastating attacks on Muslims killed in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, California and Pittsburgh.

“In their blessed memory, we resolve to defeat the evils of terrorism,” he said.

Trump’s speech emphasised world peace. “We thank god that America is a place founded on beliefs that citizens of all faiths can live together in safety and live together in freedom.”

He ended his address with a Muslim blessing: “Wish all the people around the world Ramadan Kareem.”

The iftar dinners have been regularly held at the White House since the former President Bill Clinton’s administration.