Trump faking connection to working class: Hillary

Dallas : Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has accused her Republican rival Donald Trump of faking a connection to the working class while advocating policies that would work for him and his rich friends at the expense of everyone else.

“There is a myth out there that he’ll stick it to the rich and powerful because, somehow, at heart, he’s really on the side of the little guy,” 68-year-old Clinton said. “Don’t believe it,” Clinton said at an election rally in the city of Detroit which is considered as the auto capital of the world.

Clinton was referring to the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that Trump presented in a speech in Detroit on Monday, saying he “wants to give trillions in tax breaks to people like himself,” which would lead to broad cuts in spending on education, health care and environmental protection.

“Donald Trump wants America to work for him and his friends, at the expense of everyone else,” Clinton said. “He’s offered no credible plans to address what working families are up against today,” she added.

“Not when he pledges to rip up basic rules that hold corporations accountable.

When he wants to scrap regulations that stop polluters from poisoning the air our children breathe and the water we drink,” Clinton said, three days after Trump laid out his economic vision for the country in which he announced a number of tax incentive for the middle class and common people.

“Let insurance companies write their own rules again.