Trump-era: Cautious students heads towards Australia & Canada

Hyderabad: Students who dreams to pursue their education in the USA have become cautious in the Trump-era.

Now they are instead heading to other countries like Canada and Australia. They choose these countries for safety, better work opportunities and ease of staying here for longer.

According to the TOI report, the Canada Bureau of International Education says that in 2017 the country hosted 4.9 lakh international students, a 20% increase from 2016.

The figure surpassed the government’s own International Education Strategy goal of 4.5 lakh set for 2022. Among this, Indian students accounted for 25% — only behind China which accounted for 28%.

Australia too witnessed a shoot in the number. According to the department of education and training of the Australian government, there were 6.9 lakh international students in November 2018, a 11% growth in a year. Of this, 13% came from India and 30% from China.

Sanjeev Rai, CEO of Hyderabad Overseas Consultants, said: “We have seen a 50% rise in applicants hoping to head to either Canada or Australia.”