Trump downplays spat with Turnbull, says everything is ‘fantastic’

New York: Calling the reports of a heated phone call discussion with Australian Prime Minister in January “a big exaggeration”, President Donald Trump welcomed Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday, saying his relationship with him is “fantastic.”

Both the leaders met face to face aboard the World War II USS aircraft carrier Intrepid to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the Coral Sea, in which the U.S. and Australia halted Japan’s advance across the South Pacific.

Trump played down the 25 minutes testy phone call exchange that was expected to be an hour-long call, saying “We had a great telephone call. You guys exaggerated that call. That was a big exaggeration. We’re not babies. That was little bit of fake news. ”

Turnbull agreed with Trump’s assessment, saying “that’s exactly right.”

The heated argument on phone centered on a US-Australia agreement under former President Obama for the US to accept refugees from Australia.

Turnbull is expected to raise the issue of US influence across the world and will ask Trump to remain committed to the Asia-Pacific region. Trump is likely to discuss North Korea, US-Australia relations.

The first meeting between Trump and Turnbull was to be held in midtown Manhattan,but the introduction was delayed after Trump decided to remain in Washington.

The Australian government said that the President’s decision to make Turnbull wait was “an amazing snub,” CNN reported.(ANI)