Trump to discuss trade deals with Japan PM Shinzo Abe

Washington D.C. [United States]: United States President Donald Trump will have a conversation regarding the trade deals with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Addressing a joint press conference on Wednesday, Prime Minister Abe said he has agreed to “start talks for free, fair and reciprocal trade” with the US, CNN quoted Abe as saying.

Focusing on strengthening of economic ties between Japan and the US, Abe said, “In order to benefit both Japan and the US, we will further expand trade and investment between the two countries,” he said.

He further mentioned that US exports have been significantly increasing creating a trade surplus of $70 billion.

The US had imposed 10% tariffs on alumunium and 25% tariffs on steel exports earlier in March but had exempted its allies Canada and Mexico from the new trade tariffs citing a ‘security relationship’ with them. Though, Japan which is also one of the US allies was not spared from the new US trade policy.

Earlier on Wednesday Trump took to his Twitter account to inform about an official lunch with Prime Minister Abe and the Japanese delegation that are on a visit to the US to conduct talks regarding bilateral interests.

“Great working luncheon with U.S. and Japanese Delegations this afternoon!”, Trump tweeted.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump and Prime Minister Abe went for a quick round of golf at the Trump International Golf Club.

“Prime Minister @AbeShinzo of Japan and myself this morning building an even deeper and better relationship while playing a quick round of golf at Trump International Golf Club.”

Reportedly Trump had promised to help release the Japanese nationals held in North Korea.

Prime Minister Abe, who is on a two-day visit to the US, is staying at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida as per the White House statement.

The leaders are expected to hold discussions on trade negotiations and relations with North Korea on the sidelines of the scheduled visit of President Trump to North Korea in May, as reported by the Hill.

Further denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula is also a significant topic to be discussed during Abe’s visit. (ANI)