Trump congratulates Japan PM Shinzo Abe on electoral victory

Washington D. C. [USA]: United States President Donald Trump congratulated Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on his recent electoral victory, as his ruling coalition secured a two-thirds majority in the Lower House.

The two leaders underscored the importance of a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and a strong United States-Japan alliance.

President Trump reasserted his wish to continue working closely with his Japanese counterpart, and said he looks forward to visiting Japan in early November.

In the snap elections, the Liberal Democratic Party-Komeito bloc won 312 seats in the 465-member Lower House, thus providing momentum to Abe’s drive to amend the supreme code for the first time since it took force 70 years ago.

In an interview with local media post the election, Abe stated that his ruling coalition alone won’t call for a referendum on constitutional revision, but instead seek cooperation from other parties. He also said he would reflect upon his victory in terms of whether it represents a public mandate, reports The Japan Times.

Earlier last month, Abe had dissolved the Lower House of the parliament and called for polls afresh to renew his mandate in the face of the rising threat from North Korea. (ANI)