Trump calls for improving women’s healthcare, ensures paid leaves

Washington: US President Donald Trump has called for improving healthcare access for “quality prenatal, maternal, and newborn care”, in addition to ensuring paid family leave for both mothers and fathers, the media reported.

“Ensuring affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare is critical to improving women’s health and ensuring that it fits their priorities at any stage of life,” Trump said in a statement on the occasion of Mother’s Day on Sunday.

“Under the current healthcare system, however, the lack of choice in health insurance and in healthcare providers, along with skyrocketing premium and out-of-pocket costs, are failing our citizens, our families, and, in particular, our women,” Politico quoted Trump as saying.

In addition, Trump said: “Women are living longer, healthier lives than their mothers.”

“The number of women dying from heart disease and cancer – the top two killers of women in America – has been decreasing for decades,” he continued in the statement.

“Thanks to new breast cancer treatments, our healthcare professionals have saved lives and improved the quality of life for millions of women. We must continue to foster an environment that rewards these needed advances in research.”

The President also said that he was committed to working with Congress for paid family leave for mothers and fathers and to “invest in the comprehensive care that women receive at community health centres”, reports Politico news.

“Through these reforms, and my 2018 Presidential Budget, we will enable access to the critical healthcare services women need.”

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has been an advocate for affordable child care and paid family leave and has reportedly tried to build support for it within her father’s administration.

The President’s statement comes as the Senate is working on a Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.

Under the House bill that was passed last month, the American Health Care Act, funding for Medicaid, which covers approximately 40 percent of pregnancies, would be slashed.

The bill would also prohibit the use of federal tax credits to buy insurance that includes coverage of abortion.

States would also be allowed under the legislation to seek waivers of provisions of the Affordable Care Act that require insurers to cover maternity care.