Trump does it again, brands media as “great danger to our country”

New York [U.S.]: Still under fire for his “enemies of the people” barb directed towards certain sections of the U.S. media, President Donald Trump has done it again by projecting the press as “a great danger” to America.

“FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn’t tell the truth. A great danger to our country. The failing @nytimes has become a joke. Likewise @CNN. Sad!,” the President said taking to Twitter.

This comes after the President had earlier repeated his controversial “enemies of the people” taunt for the press at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he continued to lash out at the “dishonest media” and made an ominous promise saying that “we’re going to do something about it.”

Trump released some of his intense wrath for the media, repeating his description of them as “enemies of the people”.

“A few days ago, I called the fake news ‘the enemy of the people’, and they are. They are the enemy of the people,” he said. “Because they have no sources. They just make them up where there are none.”

However, he claimed he was not against all the press, just “the fake news media or press”.

In particular, Trump complained about the use of anonymous sources and accused news outlets of making up sources for damaging reports about his administration. “I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources,” he said.

“The fake news doesn’t tell the truth. It doesn’t represent the people. It will never represent the people and we’re going to do something about it,” the President said, however, not explaining what that might be. (ANI)