Trump attacks Hillary Clinton, condemns her again for ‘bleaching’ emails

London: Continuing his Twitter war against former election opponent Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump condemned her for previously destroying her phones and “bleaching” her emails.

According to the Independent, the President’ tweets could be in reference to reports from the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s private email sever.

The reports, released last year, say Clinton destroyed her used phones on at least two occasions while serving as secretary of state, also that she used the ‘BleachBit’ software to delete some of her mails.

The other charge made by Trump deals with Bill Clinton’s decision to meet with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch while their planes idled on the tarmac.

In a pair of earlier tweets, Trump called the investigation “phony” and the “greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter account representing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign trolled Trump for attacking Clinton.

The tweet comes as a surprise, as the account hasn’t been active since a day before the 2016 election when Clinton lost to Trump.