TRS wins civic polls in Warangal, Khammam, Achampet

Hyderabad: Continuing its juggernaut speed in demolishing the opposition citadels in Telangana during various elections since formation of the new state, the ruling TRS once again established its political supremacy by capturing the Warangal and Khammam municipal corporations besides the Achampet Nagar panchayat.
What is more it has now become crystal clear that the fate of TDP has been sealed in Telangana State .The party once again suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of TRS in all the three civic bodies of Warangal, Khammam and Achampet.. As a matter of fact, TRS achieved a clean sweep in the seven elections held till date since the formation of Telangana state.
Besides winning with thumping majorities in the bye-elections to the Medak and Warangal Lok Sabha seats, bye-election to the Narayankhed Assembly seat, the TRS continued its supremacy even in the civic elections by hoisting its flag for the first time in GHMC, GWMC, Khammam Corporation and Achampet Nagar Panchayat.
On the other hand, the opposition parties, especially the TDP, were swept away by the TRS tsunami in the elections. That the TDP has been getting drowned in the state is clearly evident from the shock treatment it received in all the seven elections. Apart from suffering a major set back in the Medak and Warangal Lok Sabha by-elections, the TDP could not save even its deposit in the Narayankhed Assembly by-election. And to add insult to injury, the TDP though managed to win just one of the 150 divisions in the GHMC, it struck a big zero in the other three civic bodies of Warangal, Khammam and Achampet.
The counting of votes for the Greater Warangal and Khammam Municipal Corporations and Achampet Panchayat, the elections for which were held recently, were taken up today and as expected the results mirrored the winning spree of the ruling TRS.
CONG, BJP, TDP Combine Wash-Out
It is pertinent to note here that in a desperate bid to corner the TRS, the Congress, BJP and TDP joined hands and entered into an alliance to contest the Achampet Pamcchyat having 20 divisions. However all the three parties together could not put a brake to the speeding TRS car as the pink party won all the 20 divisions.
The same pathetic story unfolded even in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation having 58 divisions. While the TRS won 44 divisions, the Congress had to be contended with four divisions. The BJP and TDP which have proclaimed that they were the only alternative to TRS in Telangana state, only got themselves bruised severely. The BJP managed to get one division while the TDP struck a nil. The Independents including rebels won in nine divisions. The TRS also tightened its hold on the Mayor’s post in Warangal.
Though the TRS was confident of sweeping the polls in Khammam Municipal Corporation having 50 divisions, the ruling party could win only 34 divisions, while the Congress trailed behind with 10 divisions. The CPI, CPM and YSRCP won two divisions each. What is surprising is that though the TDP had a strong base in Khammam, it could not win not even one division thanks to its senior leader from the district Thummala Nageshwarao
defecting to the TRS, for which he was rewarded with a berth in the KCR cabinet. However the surprising factor in the outcome of the elections here was the emergence of YSRCP as a force to reckon with by bagging two divisions. (NSS).