TRS will win 100 seats, asserts Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Stating that the TRS will form the government by winning 100 seats in the Assembly polls, Caretaker Minister T Harish Rao today ridiculed the TJS Chief Prof Kodandaram for dancing to the tunes of the Congress,which hatched conspiracy against the Sate development.

“Kodandaram faced serious criticism and conspiracy by the Congress and TD Chief N Chandrababu Naidu insulted him during the statehood movement. The people did not forget this though the leaders do so. However, the TRS has protected at every point of time as the TJAC Convenor for the cause of the State”, he said.

Addressing a meeting of private employees, who joined the TRS, Harish Rao found fault with the Congress for offering him coordination committee chairman post. “The Congress was offering losing seats to the TJS and Kodandaram with no other go accepting them”, he charged. He called upon the people and employees to defeat Kodandaram and Mahakutami which are against the State progress.

Harish Rao also said the Congress tried to split the TJAC and filed PD Act against Cheruku Sudhakar and sent him to Warangal jail. The Congress should tell people as to why they forged an alliance in the name of Mahakutami. The Congress also filed cases against the Osmania University students and the TRS got elected as MP and MLAs, Harish Rao said. He also said the TRS offered MP tickets to Prof Sitharam Naik and Dr B Narsaiah Goud, he said, adding that some of the OU students were staging a protest at AICC office in Delhi.