TRS took anti-Muslim stand at all times; Usman Shaheed urges Muslims to use their franchise wisely

Hyderabad: President All India Muslim Front Mr Mohammed Usman Shaheed advocate appealed minorities in general and Muslims, in particular, to use this franchise properly. He told this in view of ensuing Telangana state assembly election. He said our vote can make or break our future. He added our vote is a weapon which can bring revolution.

Explaining further Mr Osman Shaheed said we elect members of the assembly in this election. These members of the assembly elect members of Rajya Sabha. For any bill to become a law it must be passed by both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Presently BJP has the majority in Lok Sabha but doesn’t have a majority in Rajya Sabha. That was the reason that the bill against triple Talaq could not be passed in the Rajya Sabha and BJP was forced to pass an ordinance. If BJP gains a majority in Rajya Sabha in easily pass anti-Muslim laws without any hurdles.

If Muslims do not use their voting right properly or get impressed by the emotional speeches and waste their vote, they will have to pay a heavy price for that. Mr Usman Shahid said only because of Congress, the triple talaq bill could not take the form of a law because Congress is in majority in Rajya Sabha. On the other hand, TRS and BJP completely supported such moves. TRS also supported BJP during presidential elections. The party also did not take part in the debate in Lok Sabha regarding Triple Talaq. Neither it took part nor voted against it. Hence we cannot trust such a party again. We cannot give Shariah in the hands of such party. It is wise to give the vote to a secular candidate of Mahakutami for protection of our culture, language, history and madrasas so that BJP’s plans of a Hindu Rashtra can be foiled in Rajya Sabha.