TRS sure to get not 70, but still more seats, Only if its Leaders focus on realities

Hyderabad: The latest survey conducted by Times Now-TNXon the likely prospects of the different contesting parties in the present Telangana Assembly elections has shown that the ruling TRS is sure to get 70 seats in the 119-member Assembly, as against the 63 seats it won in the last 2014 elections, while the increase in vote percentage would be from 34 to 37.5. The survey conducted between November 12 and 18, says that the Congress is also likely to increase its tally from 21 to 31; but the TDP would get only two seats, as against 15 it got in the last elections, and the BJP would get only three seats, as against five secured by it in the last elections. The MIM, which accounted for seven seats in the dissolved Assembly, is likely to improve its tally and get eight seats now.

Significantly, despite the Congress party’s claims that it had given Telangana State, as many as 45.73 per cent of the participants in the survey asserted that the credit for achieving separate Telangana State should go to TRS, while only 32.9 per cent said Congress should get the credit. Another significant finding is that 52.44 per cent of the people said the Congress having an alliance with the TDP has affected the Telangana sentiment and it is an unholy alliance. .

Though the survey gave 70 out of the 119 seats to TRS party, many independent observers are of the firm view that the TRS will definitely win more seats, if only the party leaders stepped up their campaign concentrating on two aspects. Firstly, they feel, that the TRS leaders should highlight all the pro-poor, pro-people, pro-farmer, pro-employee and pro-women programs and schemes launched by the TRS government during its four-and-a-half year rule, the benefits received by all these beneficiaries, and the National and international recognition got for some of the innovative and first-of-its kind programs the government had launched for the benefit of different sections, in an effective manner.

Secondly, the ruling party leaders and candidates would do well to focus on the injustices meted out to the Telangana region during the past 58 years of successive Congress and TDP Governments in the matters of irrigation waters, education, employment and other sectors, the promises made by these two parties which remained unfulfilled even after several years, and how the Telangana leaders of both the Congress and the TDP failed to raise their voice against the Andhra rulers on the injustices done to the region and the neglect of Telangana.

Vicious Propaganda

The vicious propaganda being carried out by both the Congress and the TDP leaders about neglect of women, students, weaker sections and the like needs to be forcefully rebutted by the TRS leaders by listing out the programs implemented by the Government for these sections and how more than one Crore households were benefited by them.

Needless to say, the ‘Rythu Bandhu’ and ‘Rythu Bima’ programs launched by the Telangana Government for the first time in the country, have received International recognition and they were included in the 20 innovative schemes world-wide taken up for welfare of the farmers listed by the United Nationals Organization (UNO). Similarly, the Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha programs of TRS Government were appreciated by the Government of India and other States. The Arogya Lakshmi scheme for the Mother and Child, also first of its kind in the country, the Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak scheme have also benefited lakhs of women in the State, and as a result of the Arogya lakshmi scheme and improved facilities in Government Hospitals across the State, the deliveries in Government Hospitals have significantly increased from the earlier 31 to 54 per cent.

These, as also many other SC, ST, Minority welfare schemes have benefited lakhs of people in the State, and in all these, women got their share. In addition, women in large numbers and widows were benefited under the Asara pensions scheme.

Apart from the large number of schemes introduced by the TRS government which benefited lakhs of people under each one of them, the TRS leaders should also educate the people, particularly the youngsters, on the injustices done to the Telangana region during the 58 years of Congress and TDP regimes, the insults suffered by the people of the region, and domination of the Andhra rulers in the region.

The promises made by the successive Congress and TDP Governments, which remained unfulfilled are numerous, and the TRS leaders should concentrate on them also to make the people know the facts. These measures would surely help the TRS party to get not only 70 seats, but even 80 seats, observers strongly feel.