TRS supremo KCR is “a broker, scamster”: Telangana Congress Pres Uttam Kumar

Hyderabad: Coming down heavily at TRS Supremo KCR, Telangana Congress president, N Uttam Kumar Reddy, accused him as “a broker, scamster and characterless.”

He also claimed that KCR is taking 6% commission in Bhagiratha and other irrigation projects, TOI reports.

The jab came directly at KCR after he made the ‘suitcase remark against Congress party’s former president Sonia Gandhi.

“KCR has taken corruption to the highest level in the country and has no right to talk about Sonia Gandhi who has sacrificed even PM post,” Uttam Kumar said.

The Nehru-Gandhi family have sacrificed their lives for the country. I (Uttam) served the country on the India-Pakistan and Indio-China border as a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. What has KCR and KTR done for the country. The duo who has looted Telangana is abusing me. People are watching,” Uttam added.