TRS have strong links with Andhrite leaders: Kancha Ilaiah

Hyderabad: Prof. Kancha Ilaiah alleged that ruling party of Telangana state and Andhrite leaders have close links, on the basis of which Andhra MP has declared a ‘fatwa’ on me that he would kill or hang me in the streets. Mr. Ilaiah said he is lodging compliant against TG Venkatesh with Osmania University campus police station.

A rally was taken out from SV Kendram to Osmania University Campus police station on Thursday. Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, office bearers of SC, ST, BC and minorities organisations participated in the rally.

Prof. Ilaiah said ‘my only fault was that I wrote a book on Arya Vysya community, which is my democratic right. But the environment being tried to create after the release of the book is condemnable. He said Dalit, backward and minority communities are still deprived of their rights and the government is toying with them in the name of schemes.

He told that he was already suspecting that ruling party of Telangana will continue its ties with Andhrite leaders. ‘Had it not been the case a non-local party leader would not have dared to issue death threat to me,’ he said.

Prof. Ilaiah asked the government to arrest TG Venkatesh, to prove that it has no links with Andhrite leaders.

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