TRS Slogan “One Country. One Reservation’ is Rubbish, Says Shabbir Ali

Leader of Opposition in the State Legislative Council, Mohammed Ali Shabbir today said that lack of sincerity and Political will of the TRS Government for promoting Minority & ST reservation has been exposed in the parliament once again.

Mohammed Ali Shabbir along with Former Union Minister Balram Naik, addressed the press at Gandhi Bhavan Today. Shabbir Ali said that TRS slogan of ‘One Country One Reservation’ and stalling the proceedings of Parliament is rubbish and cheating the people of Telangana in the name of Reservation. He also said that KCR and his Govt. is acting on the direction of Modi and Amit Shah and playing the game on behalf of BJP to avoid the no confidence motion at Parliament along with AIDMK, which is nothing but keeping Telangana people in dark.

Shabbir Ali commented that the reservation Bill meant for increase of reservation to minorities from 4% to 12% and reservation to ST’s from 6% to 10% was passed in Telangana Assembly and Council in April, 2017. Instead of implementing the reservation, KCR sent the Bill to the Central Govt. for the approval of the reservation which is the delaying tactics of TRS Govt., and no sincerity in implementation of reservation.

He demanded the TRS Govt. to reveal the truth about the correspondence taken place between Govt. of India and state Govt. The letters received from the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel & Training Establishment section was shown as the evidence that the State Govt. is failed to respond to clarification sought by the GOI in spite of four reminders and last reminder dated March 1, 2018 was received by the Telangana Govt.

If the TRS is sincere in implementing the reservation, the slogan of One Country and One Reservation is practically impossible as a every state implementing reservation to the different communities as per the local demand. He said if TRS is sincere let them start implementing the reservation and provide reservation in employment and education from the academic year 2018-19.

Balram Naik said TRS cheating the Minorities and STs knowingly that ST population is only 9.08% in the state and Govt. recommended for 10%. Similarly BC Commission recommended 10% Reservation to Minorities where as TRS Govt. announced the 12% Reservation knowingly that these is not going to be implemented. He demanded let TRS Govt. implement this reservation in TSPSC, ITDA, and other Govt. agencies then demand for approval by GOI.(NSS)