TRS removed 34 lakh voters illegally: TD

Telangana Telugu Desam leaders today called on Chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal and complained against illegal removal of voters under GHMC area.

The TDP leaders alleged that the TRS government had deliberately got over 34 lakh voters removed in the GHMC area only to gain in forthcoming elections to be held for the corporation. They also alleged that the government hatched a conspiracy to remove those voters, who are supporters of Telugu Desam and BJP in the name of linking Aadhar and voter identity cards. This is against the norms of parliamentary democracy and Constitution, they deplored.

The TD leaders further attributed the removal of voters to the handiwork of the ruling party. They alleged that the TRS which does not enjoy support of the people in the twin cities, has got the voters removed from electoral list.

Denying their allegations, Bhanwar Lal said the removal of the cards was done as per norms. There was no time limit for Aadhar and Voter ID card linking which is a continuous process, he stated. Even without the linkage, the electors can exercise their franchise, Bhanwar Lal clarified. (NSS)