TRS party will not win 2019 elections: DK Aruna

Hyderabad: Launching a scathing attack on Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, former Minister and Congress leader DK Aruna alleged that KCR has brought debts more than the previous 16 Chief Ministers’ didn’t. She claimed that KCR made the existing Rs.69,000 crore debts as Rs.2.21 lakh and asked KCR to tell whether it was development the TRS government did.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Friday, DK Aruna asked KCR, who was chanting that the TRS party would win 100 seats easily, to tell as to why he was indulging in power misuse to conduct a public meeting in the name of ‘Pragathi Nivedhana’ with 25 lakh people while knowing the fact that the TRS party would come to power again. She opined that KCR has no confidence on his government and hence he was trying to show that the people were with the TRS by conducting huge public meeting.

Stating that the TRS party was spending Rs.300 crore for Pragathi Nivedhana public meeting, DK Aruna asked KCR to tell as to where from the amount has come to TRS party when there was no corruption in the state. There was a discussion going on that KCR had given money to MLAs keeping in the boxes, she said and alleged that the TRS party started the tradition of giving ‘kooli’ to the public for attending meetings. She said that the TRS party was spending Rs.50 crores on tractors to transport public to the meeting and total money the TRS was spending on the meeting was in between Rs.280 crore to Rs.300 crore.

DK opined that Pragathi Nivedhana meeting was the example to say that TRS party was going to lose the elections. The ‘dream’ of coming to power once again with the money power would remain as a ‘dream’, she predicted. She exuded confidence that the TRS party would be defeated whenever elections were conducted. The people were eagerly waiting to send TRS leaders to their residences.

The government was trying to purchase the votes using ‘Rythu Bandhu’ scheme, she alleged. There was nothing wrong in conducting public meetings but misusing power was questionable. She was also made it clear that the TRS party activists only attends the Pragathi Nivedhana meeting though the leaders were trying hard to bring people in big way. She alleged that the Pragathi Nivedika confined to Pragathi Bhavan and no Pragathi to the people.