TRS needs to Highlight the unfulfilled promises made by BJP, Congress, TDP

Hyderabad: The Opposition parties in Telangana State are repeatedly pointing out the failures of the TRS Government in fulfilling the promises made to the people on the eve of the 2014 general elections. More often than not, the Opposition party leaders and their star campaigners from other States are twisting the facts, ignoring the realities and indulging in mud-slinging at the TRS government, and the Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao in particular.

The Congress, TDP and BJP leaders are making statements aimed at misleading the voters, tarnish the image of the ruling party and thus get benefited in the ongoing elections, by luring the people. While the BJP was not in power in the erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh and the present Telangana State so far, the party had been in power at the Centre, on earlier occasions and at present. The BJP Government at the Centre had also failed to fulfill many of the promises it had made to the people on the eve of the last general elections and also earlier elections in which it became victorious and formed the Government at the Centre; but it’s leaders are keen only on highlighting the failures of the TRS Government in the State, and wants the people to take note of them only.

The Congress and the TDP had been in power in the united Andhra Pradesh, for about 58 years, till 2014 elections. Both the parties have failed to fulfill many of the promises they have made on the eve of each Assembly election, but they feel that they could highlight the failures of the TRS party, which has been in power only for the past more than four years, and thus win the support of the voters in the election.
While these three parties, as also the left parties and others are concentrating on the failure of the TRS Government almost on daily basis, forgetting their own record, staunch supporters of the TRS are entertaining a feeling that the party leaders are not effectively countering the Opposition parties’ propaganda, by highlighting the promises the two parties—the Congress and TDP– have made in regard to the State and how they failed to fulfill the same even after some years and even decades. The TRS should do better to deploy some of its leaders and supporters to list out the unfulfilled promises made by the BJP Governments at the Centre, and the Congress and TDP Governments in the State so far, and spread the information among the people effectively, so that they could assess the ground realities and decide who are the bigger defaulters in fulfilling the promises made to the people.

The TRS leaders would also do better to remind the people of the State as to how the Congress and TDP Government have neglected Telangana all these years and the injustices meted out to the State and its people in various sectors.