TRS, Nagam workers clash in Palamur R&B guest house

Tension prevailed at Mahbubnagar R&B guest house following clashes between supporters of TRS party and BJP leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy today.

The trouble began when Dr Nagam was scheduled to address the media in the guest house. Soon after the BJP leader entered the guest house, the TRS workers accosted Dr Nagam and tried to disrupt the media conference saying the BJP leader was leveling baseless corruption charges against the TRS government. The irate TRS workers reportedly attempted to manhandle Dr Nagam and shouted slogans “Khabardar Nagam” and so on. Nagam’s supporters and TRS workers pushed each other and argued vehemently leading to tension in the guest house.

 However, the police intervened and brought the situation under control by whisking away the warring political workers to police station. In the clashes, window panes of guest house were damaged. Warning the TRS workers, Nagam said he was not trying to stall the developmental works in the State, but he was only questioning corrupt activities of the government. Questioning the secrecy behind inflating Palamur Lift Irrigation project work estimates from Rs 35 crore to Rs 60 crore, Nagam reiterated he would continue to fight against the corrupt practices of the TRS government what come may. He also alleged that the TRS government was allotting contracts to ineligible contractors for selfish gains. (NSS)