TRS lies on hereditary posts: CPI

CPI Telangana Secretary Ch Venkat Reddy today criticised the TRS Government for failing to keep up  its promise to provide hereditary jobs to the children of Singareni workers. He demanded TRS and its TBGKS to prove that the AITUC of the CPI is against hereditary posts.     

 In a press release here,  he alleged that TRS MPs B Vinod Kumar and Kavitha were  spewing venom against AITUC for causing obstruction to hereditary posts. The TRS is built on the basement of false promises and lies, he charged. TRS can make it to Guinness Book for mind game of TRS leaders, he fumed. He asked the workers  not to believe in the TRS which is planning to pay something per head to win the elections.

 TRS boss K Chandrasekhar Rao forgot to keep that promise on coming to power and telling lies. He sought to know as to why KCR failed to sign a related file of hereditary posts in 2014 on coming to power while he made a promise in 2012. He charged that the government is now giving sops to the mine workers to win the elections in the collieries. AITUC of CPI is for the cause of the workers and no other party can do justice he said.(NSS)