TRS leaders intoxicated with power threaten officials

Hyderabad: It has become a common practice that TRS leaders intoxicated with power have been threatening Govt. officials to transfer or award any punishment if they don’t bow down to their wishes.

In a recent example, Collector of Jangaon, Deva Sinha had registered a complaint of illegal possession on assigned land after which the collector was transferred.

In another incident, in a rift between Speaker of Assembly, Madhusudhana Chari and Bhopalapalli Jai Shanker District Collector, Mr. Murli Krishna was transferred. It is reported that Mr. Murli Krishna was people friendly. He had got the confinements of his daughters done in a govt. hospital which sent a positive message to people. He was not working under political pressure due to which within 6 months, he was transferred.

Collector of Mehboobabad had picked up a quarrel with MLA Shanker Naik. The collector had meet with Chief Secretary to register the complaint and also filed a case in Mehboobabad Police Station. The collector was transferred.

The abuse of TRS leaders to circle inspector of police Janardhan Reddy went viral. In retaliation, the circle inspector could be heard saying that ‘you are taking revenge from my sister’ and he would give these details to DGP.

–Siasat News