TRS Govt failed to fulfill promises, says MSF

Hyderabad: Minorities Secular Front has stated today that the TRS Government headed by K Chandrasekhar Rao has failed to fulfill the promises made to the people, particularly the minorities, backward classes, Dalits and farmers.

Addressing the media at Hyderguda NSS here, Taher Kamal Khundmiri, Convenor and RAS Adam said that the Front was formed to present the problems and grievances of minorities, particularly the Muslim minority to the Government and make efforts to get them solved. The Front had also supported the separate state of Telangana and it is a fact that KCR made efforts and only with the solid support of the people, the motto of Telangana was achieved. There were great expectations of the people, but the Chief Minister failed them all.

Khundmiri said that KCR failed all sections, and he took the Muslim minority for a ride by promising 12 per cent reservation to them, but after passing the Bill in the Assembly, he never pleaded with the Prime Minister for the reservation. They alleged that from the beginning, KCR has been maintaining very cordial relations with the Prime Minister and also the BJP. At the state level, he opposed the BJP, but at the Centre he supported it. From demonetization to the GST, he supported the Centre. The difficulty with KCR is that on one hand he is very close to BJP and on the other he is a doll in the hand of the MIM which was opposed to Telangana. He further said that the Front has conducted a survey and the survey report found that 93 per cent of voters indicated that the Congress-led Mahakootami will win 80 out of the 119 seats in the State.