TRS Govt should clarify its stand on Sudhir Commission: Congress

The Congress party on Tuesday demanded that the TRS Government in Telangana State should clarify whether or not it accepted the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Socio-Economic and Educational Conditions of Muslims which submitted by the Commission headed by retired IAS officer G. Sudhir in August this year.


Greater Hyderabad Congress Committee (GHCC) Minorities Department Chairman Shaik Abdullah Sohail, in a media statement, said that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar simply received the report from the Commission on12th August and placed it in public domain on 10th December. “The Chief Minister has remained silent on the status of the report for the last four months. He needs to announce whether his government accepted the report in full or part. Sudhir Commission has made 11 major recommendations and the State Government needs to clarify whether or not it accepted those recommendations,” he said.


Abdullah Sohail alleged that the TRS Government was trying to mislead and confuse the common Muslims on its promise of giving 12% reservation in jobs and education. “The Chief Minister was well aware that increase in Muslim quota from present 4% to 12% is not possible without the recommendation of a Backward Classes Commission. However, instead of constituting a BC Commission, it formed an Commission of Inquiry headed by Retd. IAS officer G. Sudhir which had no legal sanctity. Since Sudhir Commission too recommended increase in quota to 12% or a minimum of 9%, the State Government is now trying to divert the attention of Muslim community by holding public hearings of BC Commission on Muslim reservation. The TRS Government should first clarify whether it accepts all the recommendations of Sudhir Commission and what would be its stand before the BC Commission,” he said.


The Congress leader pointed out that while recommending increase in quota, Sudhir Commission had suggested that the State Government pass a suitable law on the lines of Act No. 45 of 1994 of Tamil Nadu and the matter taken up with Government of India for necessary Constitutional amendment on the lines of the Constitution (Seventy Sixth Amendment ) Act 1994. He said that the Chief Minister is silent on this suggestion. He reminded that KCR had promised to give 12% Muslim reservation within four months after coming to power. However, he said even after 30 months in power, the Chief Minister is playing mind games on 12% Muslim reservation.


Abdullah Sohail said all political parties, NGOs, religious organisations and individuals made comprehensive representations to the Sudhir Commission on backwardness of Muslim community in the recent past. Therefore, except for enclosing the findings of Sudhir Commission, they would be having nothing new to speak on the subject. In this scenario, it would be appropriate if the State Government place the Sudhir Commission Report in Assembly and Council and accept all its recommendations. The same may be conveyed to the BC Commission to get favourable recommendation for an increase in Muslim quota to 12%.

            The Congress leader also pointed that the State Government should accept and implement other recommendations made by the Sudhir Commission which includes appointment of an “Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC)”,  implementation of ‘Diversity Index’, proper implementation of Urdu as second official language and Sub-Plan for Muslims. (NSS)