TRS gives first shock to Congress dissidents, CM refused to meet Muslim leaders

Hyderabad: Two veteran Congress leaders who had left Congress two days back wanted to meet KCR for joining TRS. CM of TS, Mr. KCR did not give an appointment to them.

It may be mentioned that former Chairman of Minorities Commission and Mr. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman who were denied tickets by Congress had decided to join TRS.

The interesting thing is that these Congress leaders were targeting TRS for not fulfilling the promises it had made to the Muslims. The same leaders were impatient to join TRS. It is understood that TRS decided to induct these leaders after getting green signal from the local political party. In Telangana Bhavan, KTR and Kavitha were to be present but they did not come to the party office. KTR also reached half an hour late. TRS leaders were surprised but these dissident Congress leaders had not brought their supporters in large numbers. When the meeting started some persons gathered after 30 minutes. Despite Friday being an important day for prayers, no leader pay heed to it. KTR did not mention 12% reservations. The program continued till 2 p.m. without caring for Friday prayer. The present leaders of TRS are irritated with the induction of these two leaders but they were pacified saying that it is a political strategy.

TRS does not need any leaders from Hyderabad City since it has an alliance with MIM.

TRS leaders were seen ridiculing that these leaders demanded tickets from the constituencies where there is no hope of their winning. They were also saying that these leaders cannot even win the seat of a Corporator. TRS leaders are of the opinion that these Congress leaders did not play any prominent role while they were in Congress. They were always wandering in search of favours. These leaders are known as ‘All party leaders’ in political circles.

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