TRS fails to provide 12% reservations, Congress slams KCR

Hyderabad: President of TS Congress Committee, Capt. Uttam Kumar Reddy slammed KCR for not fulfilling his election promise of providing 12% reservations to Muslims even though four years have elapsed after TRS assumed power in the State.

Capt. Reddy claimed that through “Praja Chaitanya Yatra” of Congress, a silent revolution would emerge in Telangana and Congress will form the next Govt.

He was addressing the public meeting held at Tandoor and Sangareddy. He further told that TRS will be wiped out from the State and Transport minister of TS, Mr. Mahendir Reddy will be defeated.

He further told that Sangareddy is the favourite place for Congress. Ms. Indira Gandhi represented Medak District in the Parliament earlier.

In Shadnagar meeting, he reported that Congress had provided 4% reservation to Muslims which are still in vogue. He said that KCR had failed to provide 12% reservations as promised. TRS MPs also did not raise any voice in the parliament.

He promised that in the event of Congress gaining power in the next elections, unemployed persons would be given Rs. 3000 allowance.

–Siasat News